• How many containers did ABCRC recycle in 2016?

    ABCRC helped Albertans recycle


    non-refillable beverage containers in 2016 

  • What is Alberta's return rate for non-refillable beverage containers?

    In 2016, Alberta achieved an


    province-wide return rate for non-refillable
    beverage containers.

  • What is the environmental impact of beverage container recycling?

    Beverage container recycling helps the environment by keeping useful materials out of landfills as well as eliminating the energy demand and emissions associated with manufacturing new products from raw materials.

    In 2016 the recycling of Alberta's non-refillable
    beverage containers diverted

    97,604,900 kg

    of material away from landfills and into a useful future.

  • How much does ABCRC spend on recycling beverage containers?

    ABCRC's cost of recycling beverage containers is

    $0.06 /container

  • How much money does ABCRC get from government taxes?

    The beverage container recycling system in Alberta is self-funded and receives no money from any level of government. ABCRC is a private company that is operated under not-for-profit provisions.

    $0.00 /self funded

  • How many people are employed by ABCRC?

    ABCRC employs 165 Albertans. Additionally, there are dozens of other companies and hundreds of people employed in Alberta who are involved in the collection, transport and processing of used beverage containers.

    165 Albertans

  • How does ABCRC help communities recycle?

    Each year ABCRC provides many Alberta schools with free recycling bins and teaching resourcesIn addition, In 2016, ABCRC provided funding to

    44 communities groups

    sending out 

    68,830 items

    such as recycling bins, labels and bags.