intro about abcrc

ABCRC operates under not-for-profit provisions as the agent for beverage manufacturers in Alberta. Our mandate is to be the agent for the beverage manufacturers to operate a common collection system for registered containers; be responsible for recycling non-refillable beverage containers; comply with the Regulation and Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) bylaws; and promote the economic and efficient collection of non-refillable beverage containers. Our Board of Directors consists of representatives of beverage manufacturers.

In 1972, non-refillable beverage container stewardship began under the Litter Act (Alberta). In the early 1970's the disposal of single-serve beverage containers had led to a litter problem. The Beverage Container Recycling regulation was created at that time in Alberta, requiring manufacturers to be responsible for their empty containers. In 1993, the government consolidated a number of pieces of legislation into the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, which led to the evolution of the Regulation, as it is currently in force today. The revised Regulation requires manufacturers using regulated non-refillable beverage containers to appoint a common collection system agent to operate the collection system, which in-turn led to the creation of ABCRC. Since the appointment of ABCRC as the collection system agent, the focus on protecting Alberta's environment has increased. In addition to helping municipalities and the provincial government meet their waste diversion goals.

Our Objectives

ABCRC focuses on reducing its own environmental footprint and operating in an environmentally conscious manner that exceeds what is required under the Regulation.

There are 217 independently owned Bottle Depots throughout the province, which refund deposits to consumers. Containers are sorted by size, material and colour, and prepared for shipment. ABCRC arranges the collection, transportation, processing and recycling of used beverage containers in Alberta.

ABCRC operates on the basis of several guiding principles:

  • Ensure high standards of transparency and accountability;
  • Promote and encourage beverage container recovery;
  • Ensure each container type (material/size) is self-funding;
  • Minimize the cost of beverage container recycling;
  • Strive for continuous improvement in operations;
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees; and
  • Provide a culture of honesty and integrity

The Alberta Beverage Container Industry

The beverage container recycling system in Alberta is overseen by the Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB). The BCMB is the system's regulator as mandated by Alberta Environment and Parks. The Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) is approved by the BCMB to be the agent for the collection system and the Alberta Beer Container Corporation (ABCC) is a collection system provider for refillable beer. The Alberta Bottle Depot Association (ABDA) represents Depot owners in Alberta. All four organizations work in partnership to ensure the collection and processing of used beverage containers in the province.

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