2017 Sustainability Report

The 2017 Annual Sustainability Report is now available!
Every Summer, ABCRC releases an annual report highlighting the environmental, economic, social and financial impacts caused by everyday operational activities. This report acts as a key communications platform for presenting ABCRC’s commitment to building a sustainable province and engaging with Alberta communities.

In addition to achieving an 81.5% provincial return rate, this year’s report touched on some key accomplishments from 2017 including:

  • The launch of abcrc’s new school program for grade 4 students featuring “The Recyclers”.  The presentation features a group of comic-inspired recycling robots that help children understand the different containers that can be recycled and the products they become. (pg. 22)
  • The installation of carbon air scrubbers on both Calgary and Edmonton balers to reduce odours from plant operations and control emissions. These serve as helpful tools for improving air quality in the plant. (pg.11)
  • The satisfaction among Alberta Depots has increased over 2016’s survey results indicating that interaction and communication with ABCRC has improved. The survey included 71 questions on all aspects of industry operational interactions. (pg. 19)

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the sustainability report you can view it online here.

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