ABCRC Partners with Canada Plastics Pact to bring Golden Design Rules to Canada

ABCRC is excited to be a partner with the Canada Plastics Pact, which is working collaboratively across the plastics value chain to bring the Golden Design Rules for plastic packaging to Canada. These guidelines will help reduce plastic waste, increase recycling and transition toward a circular economy for plastics in Canada and worldwide.

The nine Golden Design Rules for the design of plastic packaging focus on reducing headspace and plastic overwraps, as well as increasing recycling value in various types of plastic, including PED thermoformed packaging, flexible consumer packaging and rigid HDPE and PP.

Business-to-business plastic packaging is also targeted, with the elimination of all unnecessary packaging that doesn’t reach the consumer. The rules also cover the use of clear and accurate on-pack recycling instructions, which will help consumers to ensure that packaging is sorted for the appropriate end-of-life solution.

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